Galicia and northern Portugal, a joint destination for its thermal resources

Galicia, with innumerable thermal springs all over its geography, is a reference. Not in vain, that is why it is even more important the development of a Galician-Portuguese border tourist destination through the valorization of natural spaces, as well as the management and joint commercialization of the destination, through the “Raia termal” project, which covers territories on both sides of the border.

The ambitious initiative is developed within the framework of the Operational Programme for Cross-Border Cooperation between Spain and Portugal (POCTEP), financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

The European cross-border cooperation project “Raia termal”, which is budgeted at about 2.7 million euros, seeks to economically valorize the resources and natural spaces, the management and joint marketing of the destination Galicia and Northern Portugal, an opportunity for these border towns, located on both sides of the river Miño, as Lobios, Cortegada, Bande and Muíños, by the province of Ourense, and Terras do Bouro and Melgaço (Portugal).

Source: EuroEFE