Coordination of the cross-border thermalism network

This first axis, key to the development of the project as a whole, will consist on the provision of a fixed structure for the promotion of thermalism-related tourism in the area. Thus, the following actions are contemplated:


  • Association of RAIA TERMAL Thermal Towns
  • Integration in forums and initiatives of value for the thermal sector



It seeks to provide a fixed structure for the tourist promotion of the area in relation to thermalism. It is prevé́ the creation of an association at the level of the territory of application of the project, with will of integration in networks of existing thermalism at international level.

For it will be looked for the articulation of an association integrated by public and private agents to both sides of the border linked with the thermalism and other associated natural resources; and a strategy will be designed to give a greater visibility to the tourist destination at international level, putting in value the thermal and environmental resources of the zone, by means of the active integration of this entity in thematic thermal associations of national and/or international scope and the organization of an International Congress of Thermalism.

  • Statutes of cross-border association of thermal villas
  • Route map for the impulse of the thermalism of border
  • International Congress of Thermalism
  • Report of conclusions of the International Congress of Thermalism