Seventeenth UGC Meeting| Ourense 03-02-20

Actions in the municipalities of Cortegada, Lobios and Muiños |24-01-2020

Partners meeting to define the cross-border tourist packages| Lobios 20-12-19

Meeting of tourism projects INTERREG Spain-Portugal| Badajoz 21-11-19

Sixteenth UGC Meeting| Lobios 17-10-19

Fifteenth UGC Meeting| Ourense 05-09-19

4th Meeting of the Board of Directors of Raia Termal| Ourense 02-05-19

Twelfth UGC Meeting | Ourense 12-03-19

3rd Meeting of the Board of Directors of Raia Termal | Ourense 12-12-2018

Raia Termal promotes the Miñoto Way within the III International Water Congress | Ourense 26-10-18

Eleventh Meeting UGC | Melgaço 14-08-18

Tenth Meeting UGC | Ourense 27-06-18

Second Board Meeting | Ourense 16-03-18

Sixth Meeting UGC | Melgaço 19-02-18

Fifth Meeting UGC | Ourense 01-02-18

Presentation of the Project | Ourense 18-12-17

Fourth Meeting UGC | Melgaço 20-11-17

Third Meeting UGC| Lobios 27-10-17

Third Meeting-visit UGC | Lobios 27-10-17 

Second Meeting UGC | Ourense 28-09-17

First Constitutive Meeting UGC| Ourense 19-07-17

Constitutive meeting Board of Directors| Lobios 23-06-17

Technical Conference on European Funds and Explanation of the Raia Termal | Melgaço 07-10-16



Preparation of the European Funds Technical Conference | Melgaço 16-06-16



Preparation of the Raia Termal Project | Ourense 17-06-15


Signature of the Environmental Protocol “Raia Termal”| Lobios 14-04-15