Valorisation and recovery of infrastructures and thermal heritage elements: hot springs and pools

It is essential to valorise the natural environment as a key factor in environmental and aesthetic terms, as well as those buildings or facilities of a thermal nature that require rehabilitation or, even, construction. This axis focuses on actions that contemplate adding value to thermal resources (pools, hot springs, etc.) and recovering heritage elements associated with them that enable the promotion of tourism:


  • Management and operation model for thermal baths and pools.
  • Implementation of the management and operation model applied to hot springs and pools.
  • Recovery and valorisation of heritage elements for sustainable thermal tourism.


The objective is the recovery of associated patrimonial elements that allow to promote the thermal tourism in the zone bordering of application of the present project. A first step will be the definition of a model of management and exploitation of the thermal baths and natural wells that starts from a previous analysis of already existing models in other territories and that contemplates its integration and compatibility with the spa facilities. Secondly, this management and exploitation model will be implemented through the implementation of pilot projects for the rehabilitation and conditioning of the selected thermal baths and wells. And, finally, the heritage elements will be recovered and valued for a sustainable thermal tourism, through specific tasks to complete and improve the existing offer as far as thermal infrastructures are concerned.


  • Model for the management and operation of thermal baths and wells
  • Project and implementation of rehabilitation and valorization of wells
  • Construction and/or rehabilitation of thermal infrastructures