El proyecto se concreta en cuatro actividades principales:


Vertebration of the Cross-Border Thermalism Network


Raia Termal implements actions directed to the environmental and patrimonial recovery of the zone, by means of the creation of a Work Group that promotes the integration in existing networks of thermalism at international level.

This activity includes the following actions:

  • Action 1: Working Group of thermal villas of the "Raia Termal"
  • The main objective of the Working Group is to create strategies and actions promoting the joint offer and the thermal tourist destination of the area
  • The Working Group gathers in its route sheet all the activities and strategies of the destination "Raia Termal"
  • Action 2: Integration in forums and initiatives of value for the thermal sector
  • Valorization of the thermal and environmental resources of the surrounding area through an international tourism strategy
  • Congreso Internacional RAIA TERMAL “Termalismo 2021-2027: dinamización de los territorios y reto demográfico

International Congress of Thermalism

Report of conclusions of the International Congress of Thermalism


Environmental recovery and enhancement of the natural surroundings of thermal spaces

This activity recovers the fluvial spaces affected by waste water and restores and conditions the natural surroundings of thermal spaces, achieving a higher quality of tourism and natural recreation.

  • Action 1: Recovery of river areas affected by wastewater in thermal environments
  • Actions aimed at solving problems related to the existence of wastewater discharges into riverbeds near thermal environments
  • Extension of the network of collectors in order to conduct the discharges towards a nearby WWTP or the construction of a sewage treatment plant

Project and work for solution to problems of spills located in Lobios and Muiños

Act of reception Edar Muíños
Edar execution certificate

Two waste management infrastructures between the Lobios thermal area

Act of completion of problematic discharges
Act of the placement of Containers in Melgaço
  • Acción 2: Acondicionamiento de rutas de senderismo y riberas de ríos en entornos termales
  • Protection and valorisation of natural spaces complementing the leisure offer associated with cross-border thermal tourism
  • Rehabilitation of fluvial spaces adjacent to thermal baths in Terras de Bouro and Melgaço
  • Valorisation of the Carballeira de Coenlleira in Cortegada
  • Conditioning or construction of trails in: Bande- Sendero do Baño- Lobios- Roteiro Termal de Devesa Muiños-Sendero a Illa de Pazos- Sendero playa de Rañadoiro y central de Salas-. Melgaço- Ecovía de las Termas-
  • Tree recovery in the park of Termas do Pesso in Melgaço
  • Construction of a removable weir and footbridge in Lobios (Caldo river) to open the river to the spa

A removable weir in Caldo river

Act of reception of the footbridge at Os Baños de Riocaldo
Act of completion of the Azud

Technical project for the rehabilitation of the urban park of the Melgaço thermal baths

Rehabilitation of fluvial spaces adjacent to hot springs in Terras de Bouro

Motorhomes Reception Act
Inspection report

Valorization and recovery of infrastructures and thermal heritage elements. Thermal baths and wells

Raia Termal by means of this axis puts in value thermal resources (wells, thermal baths, etc.) and the recovery of associated patrimonial elements that allow to promote the thermal tourism in the zone.

  • Action 1: Model for the management and operation of hot springs and wells
  • Integración de pozas en zonas donde no existan instalaciones balnearias y compatibilidad de pozas muy cerca de dichas instalaciones
  • Raia Termal aportara los términos de eficiencia y eficacia en la gestión integral y coordinada de todos los balnearios de la zona

Model of management and exploitation of thermal baths and wells in the thermal raia

  • Action 2: Recovery and valorization of patrimonial elements for a sustainable thermal tourism
  • Construction of outdoor thermal pools in Cortegada
  • Completion of the rehabilitation of A Casa do Baño (Bande)
  • Creation of a fitness park and a new parking area at Termas de Melgaço
  • Construction of the Gerês aromatic and medicinal plants demonstration area

Construction and/or rehabilitation of four thermal infrastructures


Joint management and promotion of resources and thermal itineraries of borders

Raia Termal focuses on the promotion of the thermal destination starting from the national scope of both States, by means of the implementation of this axis, a series of actions are articulated oriented to harness the coordinated management of resources, services and thermal tourist itineraries as well as the commercialization and joint promotion of the cross-border thermal destination.

  • Action 1: Articulation of the tourist offer and creation of thermal products of border
  • Definition and creation of cross-border thermal tourism products/packages and complementary activities
  • Homologation of a tourist package with national or international standards

Three reports on the tourism promotion campaign

  • Action 2: Joint marketing programme for thermal products
  • Improvement Plan for the provision of tourist services "Raia Termal"
  • Participation in sectoral trade fairs and missions
  • Marketing plan for packages and thermal products with tour operators and travel agencies in Spain and Portugal
  • Realization of Fam Trips directed to travel agencies to make known the thermal destination of border
  • Campaign of tourist promotion of the destination "Raia Termal"

Un plan de comercialización

Memoria sobre los materiales y equipamientos de identidad visual para la zona RAIA TERMAL

Dos informes de Participación en Ferias y Misiones Comerciales Sectoriales