Environmental recovery and valorisation of the natural environments of thermal spaces

One of RAIA TERMAL’s main sources of tourist attraction is its natural heritage, so to ensure the success of its promotion as a thermal destination it is essential to take care of the aesthetics of the environment. Therefore, this axis is aimed, firstly, to recover fluvial spaces affected by wastewater and, secondly, to restore and condition the natural environments of thermal spaces to achieve a higher tourism quality and natural recreation. Thus, we could talk about two types of actions:


  • Association of RAIA TERMAL Thermal Towns
  • Integration in forums and initiatives of value for the thermal sector


It aims to recover fluvial areas affected by wastewater and, secondly, to restore and condition natural surroundings of thermal spaces in order to achieve higher quality tourism and natural recreation. Firstly, the implementation of actions aimed at solving different types of problems will be carried out, all of them related to the existence of wastewater discharges in riverbeds close to the thermal environments. And secondly, the protection and valorisation of natural spaces that complement the leisure offer associated with cross-border thermal tourism.


  • Projects and works for solution of problems of spills in fluvial courses
  • Rehabilitated natural spaces in fluvial zones close to areas
  • Trails/cyclovias adjacent to rehabilitated thermal areas
  • Enabling parking spaces in thermal environments
  • Infrastructure for waste management in the thermal area
  • Weir removable in river
  • Technical project for the rehabilitation of the urban park of the thermal baths