Celebration of the 21st meeting of the Management and Coordination Unit of the Raia Termal project

The partners of the Raia Termal Project held on Tuesday, 30th June, their 21st meeting of the Management and Coordination Unit (UGC) by videoconference.

In this meeting the partners have analyzed the state of the material and immaterial investments evaluating the extension of some actions.

The County Council of Ourense is planning to resume the work of the “EDAR of Muiños” in July; in relation to the “motorhome area” planned in Bande, it is expected to be put out to tender next week. In addition, they have announced that soon they will tender a contract to acquire screens with internet connection that will be located in Bande, Muiños and Cortegada.

Similarly, the CHMS hopes to put out to tender in the coming weeks the work on the “footbridge connection on the River Caldo”, in Lobios.

In addition, the partners have evaluated the current situation of the tourism sector in Spain and Portugal with regard to the fight against Covid-19. In this sense it has been agreed to retake, in an immediate way, the promotion and commercialization campaign of the destination and the tourist products of the mark “Raia Termal” to contribute to improve the current situation of the tourist sector of the Raian territory.