The Raia Termal project celebrates its 19th meeting of the UGC with the aim of reactivating the sector

The partners of the project Raia Termal, kept, on Monday 18th May, their 19th meeting of the Management and Coordination Unit by videoconference.

In this meeting they have analyzed the current situation generated by the pandemic of the Covid-19, its effects on the tourism in Spain and Portugal as well as possible proposals to palliate consequences of this crisis in the promotion of tourist products and promotion in the Territory Raia Termal.

In addition, the CHMS has communicated to the rest of the partners the publication of the bidding for the project of construction of the ciclovía from the recreational/thermal area to the Roteiro Termal da Devesa in the municipality of Lobios.

On the part of the Portuguese partners, Terras de Bouro has presented the signature of the contract for the work “State of the work Recovery, improvement and conditioning of the bank of the river Gerês as it passes through the Vila do Gerês” and “Demonstration area of aromatic and medicinal plants of Gerês”.

The general situation of the project was also reviewed, with special emphasis on the intangible investments to be made.