The Raia Termal project celebrates its 20th meeting of the UGC concerned about the reactivation of the sector in its territories

The partners of the project Raia Termal, held, on Thursday 18th June, the 20th meeting of its Management and Coordination Unit by videoconference.

In this meeting they have analyzed the general situation of the project, both at financial level and execution by the partners, as well as the possibilities of promotion once the borders are opened, both at territorial and product level.

The CHMS took advantage of the meeting to communicate that it had just signed the resumption of the work “Removable weir on the river Caldo” as well as the immediate award of the work “Cycle from the recreational/thermal area to the Roteiro Termal da Devesa”. On the other hand, Terras de Bouro advanced that the execution of its work advances to the expected rhythm.

Likewise, and given the special relevance that the immaterial actions have for the whole project, there was a debate on the promotion proposals that could be developed within the framework of the same one.