Investment of about 185 thousand euros to re-qualify the park of las TERMAS de MELGAÇO

The project “Raia Termal”, was born with the purpose of protecting and conserving the natural fluvial border spaces of the Miño and the Limia, to contribute for the improvement of the environment and the thermal resources of the zone and of the creation of a network that foments the structuring of the cross-border thermal resources raianos of Ourense and of the North of Portugal, having as objective its tourist valorization.

The interventions are co-financed to 75% by the Operational Program of Cross-border Cooperation Spain-Portugal (POCTEP)/INTERREG PT-ES, in the scope of the project “Raia Termal” and represent an investment of 184 216,57 euros, “It is a very important project: it values and promotes the thermal tourism, an important pillar of the local economy” maintains Manoel Batista, mayor of Melgaço.

The Melgaço Thermal Park will house new specimens, replacing those that are in degradation, using the technique of transplanting local trees. The intervention also contemplates the felling of invaders, so that clearings can be opened where new native trees can be planted and the replacement and planting of new lime trees in the main Alameda. Here the total investment is 20,000.00 euros (FEDER comparticipação through the POCTEP of 15,000.00 euros).

In order to provide a better reception of visitors, also the parking space is being benefited. The Park will be equipped with new gates, given that the current ones, due to their deterioration, are not fulfilling their functions. Also the mini golf course is being remodeled, currently is not prepared for this sport so that being an unused space was opted for the bet of a place with conditions for the practice of sport, providing equipment for physical training outdoors and directed for the modality of crossfit. The investment is 164,216.57 euros (comparticipação FEDER through POCTEP 123.162.43 euros).