Raia Termal

The RAIA TERMAL project, “Development of the thermal tourist destination of the galician-portuguese border through the valorization of thermal natural spaces, as well as the management and joint marketing of the destination”, is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through 2014-2020 V-A Spain-Portugal Interreg Programme (POCTEP), specifically within priority axis number 3, “sustainable growth through cross-border cooperation for the prevention of risks and the improvement of the management of natural resources”.

Raia Termal seeks to value natural thermal resources and jointly coordinate the management and marketing initiatives to create a unique thermal destination on the border, and thus contribute to the development of thermal spas and favor quality tourism in the cross-border area between Galicia and the north of Portugal, which will be strengthened as a dynamic element of the economy of this region.

Therefore, cross-border cooperation between authorities and institutions with authority in the matter is necessary for an effective achievement of the project’s results.


  • Strengthen the structure of the agents of the cross-border thermal tourism sector by promoting a joint network cooperation structure and designing and setting up initiatives and performances in collaboration.
  • Add economic value to the thermal resources through environmental recovery and conservation of natural spaces and heritage elements with a high tourism potential.
  • Jointly promote and market border thermalism as a unique and attractive environmental tourist resource of the cross-border space, promoting its positioning in the Spanish, Portuguese and European markets.